The Interview Process

One of the keys to successful recruitment and retention is the interview process. Many times, managers are more concerned with filling positions rather than finding the right candidate. Or they dismiss learning entirely, erroneously thinking that anyone can interview. As a manager, preparation for the interview is crucial.


Here are some helpful tips:


Be prepared:


Take the time to review the candidate’s resume before the interview.
Write down specific questions you would like to ask the candidate.
Assess the essential job skills and ask questions related to the job for which they are interviewing.


Structure the interview:


Prepare an introduction.
Explain the purpose of the interview and set expectations for the candidate.
Obtain information from the candidate and discuss the specifics of the position.
Allow time for questions and answers.
Lastly, discuss the next steps and time frames in the interview process (second interviews, etc.).


Be honest and build rapport:


Paint an accurate picture of your company – don’t sugarcoat, hyperbolize or make things seem better than they are.

Build rapport with the candidate by listening. You won’t learn anything about the candidate if you do all of the talking.


Don’t provide false hope:


If you think that the interview did not go well or that the candidate is not a good fit, don’t tell them that you want to move them forward to the next step in the interview process. All too often, managers offer this little white lie to placate the candidate, knowing they will not be moving forward.


Don’t leave the candidate hanging:


Follow up with the candidate on your decision. It’s rude and unprofessional not to at least give the candidate a call or short written notification that you have decided to go in a different direction.


Do not assume that anyone can conduct a successful interview. Interviewing is a learned skill set that requires practice on an ongoing basis. Managers should take a step back and evaluate their process regularly. Only then can they make adjustments and continue to improve. This will help them make the best hiring decisions and ultimately, provide the greatest value to their organization.


About The Author

Coleen Cincotta joined Xelerate in 2012 and is committed to the company’s dedication and excellence to their clients. Her focus has been primarily on healthcare recruiting in various settings. A mother of three, Coleen enjoys spending time with her family, going to the shore and watching the Philadelphia Flyers.