Xelerate Celebrating 11 Year Anniversary This Month

This month marks Xelerate’s 11th year in business, providing clients with unparalleled recruitment outsourcing services. Emily V. Biscardi, Founder and CEO states, “I attribute our success to two key factors: first our singular focus on customized recruiting solutions, namely providing recruiting services that are relevant to our clients’ business climate and support their business objectives.  Second, we have focused on building a strong company culture.  The key to business success and growth is to have engaged people who will be great ambassadors for the business.”


“Xelerate has focused on creating a culture of collaboration, communication, challenge, and customer service.  A strong company culture directly impacts our clients in a very positive way.  It’s extremely important to engage employees creating an environment where they feel empowered and they can make a difference,” says Kelly Robinson Jensen Xelerate’s COO and Chief Customer Officer, whose role was created in 2012 to create a superior customer experience. “Transparency with the team is key to culture,” Jensen adds.


“During my eighteen years in the recruiting field I have never worked in such a dynamic culture.  Xelerate has created an environment where I am empowered to do what’s best for my clients.  We are encouraged to work as a team internally to serve our clients and each other.  In my two years at Xelerate I feel I have grown tremendously in my profession as a consultant,” says Sara Soto, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner.


Peggy Crane, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner says, “From the second that I started at Xelerate, I felt that I had constant support from everyone on the team; I was never alone.  On this team, you will never hear anyone ever say “that’s not my job” as we always pull together and help one another in whatever challenges we face.  Although we are working on our own projects and with our own clients, there is always a hand to help and always a pat on the back when accomplishments are made.  Xelerate values and rewards hard work and efforts more than any other organization I have been a part of in my professional life.  The culture of Xelerate is cohesive and engaging.  To work here you must be witty, sharp, and genuine…and you also must be one that likes to laugh and eat pizza on Wednesdays with the team.”


Over the past year, Xelerate’s team continues to gain recognition for their accomplishments as leaders in the community. Emily V. Biscardi was inducted into the Smart CEO Brava Hall of Fame and recruited to Impact100 Philadelphia’s Board of Directors, a collective giving organization that gives high impact grants to local non-profits in the Philadelphia region. In addition, Kelly Robinson Jensen was awarded the Smart CEO Executive Management Award and invited to be on the Board of the Greater Philadelphia Foundation of Women Entrepreneurs, a non-profit group supporting women and children entrepreneurs.


Looking forward, the organization plans to continue to leverage its strong company culture coupled with its commitment to customer services to create new opportunities in the mid atlantic region.