Xelerate’s CEO Tapped as Incoming Co-President for the Entrepreneurs’ Forum of Greater Philadelphia

King of Prussia, PA (Feb. 2017) – Entrepreneur’s Forum of Greater Philadelphia (EFGP) refocuses on new and improved programming and curriculum, helping Philly100 CEO’s and other CEO’s of high growth companies grow towards and thrive in the mid-market. Xelerate, LLC’s CEO, Emily V. Biscardi, was tapped as incoming Co-President for EFGP along with David Rose, President of Brio Solutions.

The EFGP has recently completed a strategic planning process to re-assess the organization’s mission, vision, priorities, and objectives. EFGP has been supporting entrepreneurs of growth-oriented companies who aspire to mid-market status for 30 years and is the co-owner of Philadelphia100, the hallmark of entrepreneurial achievement in the region. The strategic plan, which was approved by the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors in January 2017, was developed over several months with the input of EFGP members, staff, and community stakeholders.

EFGP’s three strategic priorities include:
• Relevant and actionable programming for Philadelphia100 CEOs and other CEOs of growth-oriented companies
• Meaningful networking among the entrepreneurial community
• Information and resource sharing To accomplish these goals, EFPG restructured the following three key areas:
• Membership
• Sponsorship
• Governance Joseph O’Donnell, the current EFGP President says, “We are excited about the new direction of EFGP. Philadelphia is one of the most vibrant and underserved entrepreneurial communities in the country. EFGP will be at the epicenter of the relevant community.”