So You're Not Interested in a Candidate? How You Treat Them Still Matters!

So You’re Not Interested in a Candidate? How You Treat Them Still Matters!

This blog seems necessary as labor markets tighten and every aspect of your company’s recruiting process will play a part in obtaining the best talent.


I recently had a very good friend of mine go through a seemingly very successful initial interview with a hiring manager only to never hear a single word from her or the company in follow-up. To be clear, he actually is extremely self-aware so his subsequent feeling of bewilderment is not something I would attribute is extremely to self-aggrandizement. This hiring manager even had a very candid compensation discussion with him and promised to follow-up in a week. As frustrating as this was for him, sadly it is not uncommon. Candidates that are passed on are often left with no explanation or even confirmation that they are no longer in the running for said position. Employers- this is not good! Not only does this lack professional courtesy and empathy, but this kind of self-sabotage of your brand as an employer can have serious repercussions. In the age of social media, outlets for candidates to immediately share negative experiences are infinite. If you think candidates that you might actually want do not pay attention, you are kidding yourself. At Xelerate, we are monitoring and correcting an employer’s brand everyday by creating the best candidate experience possible regardless of an offer extended or not. It’s just something you cannot afford to ignore and I encourage you to take a look at your current process.