Why You're Failing at Sales Recruiting

Why You’re Failing at Sales Recruiting

Ahhhhhh finding good sales people, the plight of so many companies from here to eternity. Why can’t recruiting just get it right? It’s an age-old question that when asked in context of today’s current economic climate and after countless  case studies Xelerate has seen could probably be answered largely due to a combination of the following:

  1.  Your profile is off -who created the position profile that depicts what a “qualified” candidate is for this sales role and your organization? Has it been updated as the economy and way people and business make buying decisions have changed resulting in the need for different sales competencies? What does your environment provide and not provide that might require different attributes? There are many questions to ask when creating this and I’m happy to share more of them directly if desired.
  2.  No one is actively sourcing- while some recruiters may actually just be complacent or even lazy, most are just overwhelmed. The number of positions on their requisition load make it nearly impossible to “hunt” and “poach” for the best and they are left to post and pray hoping that worthwhile candidates happened to come along. Well keep praying. With unemployment at virtually zero and successful sales people typically not actively looking for new opportunities, it just isn’t going to happen without aggressive outbound recruiting efforts.
  3. Your recruiting process lacks consistency and speed- Want to lose great candidates faster than a set of rims at a P.Diddy concert? Put them through an arduous and non-transparent recruiting experience. These people do not need to leave their current positions. While hiring decisions need to be well thought out and candidates properly vetted, a disjointed process coupled with lack of ongoing feedback will only garner a lot of “thanks but no thanks” form the best. This responsibility falls under both recruiters and the hiring managers which again if bandwidth is a problem, can become a major issue.


At Xelerate we build sales teams and we build them well. Contact me for a further discussion and to provide greater detail as you look to build out your team.